My name is Ashleigh Shim and I am the founder of Trained-2-Go Soccer Academy. I'm a former professional soccer player who competed in Germany's Bundesliga 2 and Sweden’s Dam Division 1. At Florida International University, I studied Sports and Fitness: Pre-Physical Therapy while playing on their Division 1 soccer team. 

I've competed internationally since the age of 15 and the one thing I can take away from every playing experience is this: you can accomplish ANYTHING you desire with hard work and belief.

After graduating college, I stayed in Miami to fulfill my dreams of playing professionally in Europe training two or three times a day. I would train with boys, circuit train, and many times alone with a bag of balls. Analyzing film became important to me; searching players I wanted to be like on YouTube and trying to mimic their movements on the field. Seeking help from coaches and trainers also greatly improved my skills. I spent a year of training hard and training smart. It was one of the hardest years of my life. I was literally living on a dollar and a dream. Playing for the Jamaican national team was truly a growing opportunity for me as a player but I wanted the consistency of playing for a professional club in Europe. Then finally, I got a contract to play in Germany and then another to play in Sweden. I always knew that I would play professionally and no one was going to stop me because I worked so hard for it believing it was going to be mine. So why do I train players? I have an ardent desire to help other players become the best they can be. My passion is to be the best trainer I can be. Whatever level is the next level for you, I want to help you--whether you are a recreational, elite, or professional player. Let me leave you with this: You can get to the next level. Find people that have confidence in you and have confidence in yourself. Know that you can have anything you want in life if you OUTWORK everyone and BELIEVE it's already yours.