August preseason camp 2019

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march 25-26 free world cup girls soccer clinic 2019 (Miami, FL)

As the 2019 Women’s World Cup is approaching, our aim is expose football concepts in a World Cup themed soccer camp to girls in the greater Miami area, particularly those who may be new to the game of football. This year’s tournament is a big opportunity for women in their respective countries to showcase their abilities on the field as it is the first time for four countries participating: Chile, Jamaica, Thailand, and Scotland. Our hope is for more girls to believe that they have a place in the football world and for them to be confident in themselves as players and as people no matter where they come from.


January coerver international clinic 2019 (SOUTHWEST RANCHES, FL)


August Preseason Camp 2018 (miami, FL)

July all-girls free football clinic 2018 (JAMAICa)

Our partners Soul & Sole Community Organization served communities in Kingston, Jamaica with a free football clinic to empower young girls and to help grow the girls' game.

June technical skills camp 2018 (miami, FL)